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'04-'05 Dec-Jan: Wedded Bliss (in Morro Bay)
It's true, they Did It Already! Check it out, True Love.
'04 December
These six months include the last days of one world and a new beginning.
'04 November
On the road again, and the start of a new chapter - click HERE.
Also a lot of family and friends and More.
'04 Nov 19 a Bon Voyage
Retirement! Yowza-Wowza all right!!
'04 October
The zoo, Lourdes, Angela's grandad's funeral, Althea's wedding, links to Christa's Horse Day, Caleb's Catalina Day, the helicopter extravaganza, our trip to Susanville, and More.
'04 September
Downtown, P&G, moving(!), the first few days of Retirement, and More.
'04 August (second third)
Anya's baby shower, Nancy's picnic party, Merlyn and Hilda, Douglas Park, and More.
'04 August (first two-thirds)
Welcome Baby Anya! Burt and the beach, the Reception Site, Magic Mountain, Welcome Baby Ethan too, and More.
'04 Jul: Here Comes the Bride
A plenty big year in My life!
'04 July
Buying the bride dress, Monday Night birthday festivo, Ramon and Rodrigo, at the corner of Fig and Adams, and More.
'04 June
My birthday again, Yea!, Descanso Gardens, Reagan's pass through 22nd Street, Russell's memorial, and More.
'04 Nov: Chile by Sea
Cruzin' with the fam through the fjords, lots of sightseeing along the way, and a great day in Valparaiso and Santiago.
'04 May
Mother's Day month!, David in Ventura, T&A's party, soccer team photo and Valley Girl birthdays and More.
'04 April
The month includes Darryl's birthday, some nice shots of Steven, Celina and Gideon, model airplanes and More.
'04 March
Wisteria, The Marathon, Xander's birthday, dancing(!) and More.
'04 January and February
We've got Mom's birthday extravaganza, Angela's birthday at the zoo, Burt and Char and the Malibu Creek State Park, Aunt Hilad's funeral and More.

Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come and to extend such kind good wishes. And many thanks to Dale for signing the check and to Robert for taking these pictures. I've mooshed the pictures together for the sake of brevity but still it's me me all about me.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Boban, Veronika, me, Robert, Chris.

Karen, me, Mahnaz; Cathie, me, Myrna, Paula, Wendy.

me, Bill; Cecilia, Teresa, Harry, Yohana, Betty.

Kirk, me, Joe; Kristin, me, Annelill, Octavio.

Tony, me; Alex, Judi, me, Bret.

me, Thomas; me, Dale.

Barbara, me, Brian; Susan, Evelyn, me, Mahnaz, Becky.

Knut, me, Brigitte; Gwen, me, Betty, Monica.
Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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