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'19 December
'19 November
Here and there around town and Thanksgiving Week in Saint Paul with Cynthia.
'19 October
Halloween fun plus a lot of around town too - three Getty visits, LA Phil, Little Tokyo, Rubel Castle, ETC!
'19 September
Home Sweet Home! All the trip pictures available - click on the Baltic and N&E Europe.
'19 July
Last month and then gone for a while.
'19 June
A few overnighters on the calendar already. Is there some thing about 72? Since that's my age this month...
'19 May
Back from the land of aloha and looking forward to a nice long weekend at The Ranch.

April in Kauai
'19 March
My tooth and etc...
'19 February
Soo much rain...happy happy lawn.
'19 February XANDER!
Xander is 17!
'19 January
Yikes! 2019. Next year is 2020. What?

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December 5-7

Among other's what we did on Saturday, all according to the design of Kaitlin and Lilly.

In kind of random order (and btw it rained all day on the 4th so I finished unpacking from Saint Paul, did laundry, cooked food, etc. It was lovely.)

I'm with Kaitlin and Lilly for three days while D&A go to a music festival in Vegas or as Kaitlin says, Vegas Baby. We're having FUN!

This morning's Elves on the Shelf found their way to a Shelf!

Last night we ate down the block at the place that used to be an Indian place and then used to be another Indian place, we liked them both, and is now a much snappier and fully packed Italian place. And we even ran into Ken and Susie there!

Then we went to see Taylor and Tessa in the same play that Lilly will be doing on Sunday. They have enough kids to put together seven full casts and hence seven shows.

Here's Lilly sitting with Tyler and Kaitlin sitting with Tyler's sister Emily.

That's Tessa in the blond wig as Little Elsa who had a few solos and everything..

..and that's big sister Taylor in the blond wig as adult Elsa. Taylor got THE part in the whole show, and to top it off she sang Let It Go to huge cheers from the standing crowd. You go Taylor!

from T&T's mom Denise.

Tessa was over after school on Friday for some play time before dance class followed by her big show.

This is from spotless, in 45 minutes. And a fine time was had by all.

On Thursday Lilah came over after school and we had another fun afternoon and evening but it was a school night so we were in the regular routine.

On my first night there the Elves on the Shelf decided to keep watch over me.

December 2-3

Monday I spent the afternoon and evening in the valley where the weather was lovely. Tuesday Windy came over and we enjoyed a nice swing through the new Trader Joe's around the corner from my house.

In honor of Trader Joe's arrival and as a Welcome to the 'Hood, I bought this orchid. I'm still not fully unpacked nor have I done the laundry. Sigh!

December 1

Happy Birthday Susie (back in October but we celebrate when the opportunity presents itself). We went to the Disney Concert Hall to enjoy Dudamel and the LA Phil performing a Rachmaninoff piano concerto and Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. It was gaspingly great!

But first we ran into Ben and Bonnie at the opening talk! What a happy surprise.

Disney Concert Hall, gotta take one of these.

Marsha was there too and the three of us walked down to Maccheroni Republic. Then Marsha peeled off to the train while Susie and I took the Angels Flight back to Grand.

To get back to the Disney Hall parking we walked through MOCA's plaza where the airplane sculpture used to be and I was curious to see what would be in its place. Here it is, all glow-y red cubes. It looked cool.
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